Let’s Cook Up a Sales Storm.

Working with a smart Magento platform.

Design & functionality with a Marketing Perspective.

Working with themes

We have expertise with selected Magento themes. We modify the theme to meet your vision for your website. Using Magento Themes, if done right can save a lot of time and money. It gives a lot of flexibility in design and comes with additional functionality. Looking for something VERY custom, something you have seen on a competitor’s website? No worries, we will custom program the design you envision.

All sites have Responsive design for desktop, mobile & tablets. We custom design the website for you from a marketing perspective.


Magento Addons & Custom Coding

Our secret ingredient to quickly create websites is not a secret at all. We start with a pre-defined list of tested and tried Magento extensions to help you get the functionality you need in your website. We guide you at every step in deciding the look & feel.

We do not start from scratch since we already have researched, tested & used for various functionality you may need. do you have a VERY specific idea that needs created? No Problem, we can take care of any custom functionality you need.

We can also easily take care of migrating products, categories and customer data from your current shopping cart to Magento.



The RockinTech difference

Custom systems to run your business: We provide you with expert advice, tools and system. An example is a complete product import system based in Google Docs. Using this system would help you upload your products quickly.

Custom Videos: We create custom videos for you where needed. We try to give you as much control as possible.

We are super flexible: For our clients, we take care of whatever is needed. In the past, we have manually updated over 1800 products with images because direct migration was not possible.


Google Analytics & Adwords

  • Adwords tracking setup (where needed). See complete Pay Per Click management services
  • Google Analytics – Tracking & Account setup
  • Monthly Source/Channel based reports so you can decide appropriate budgets for various Advertising channels.

From inventory to shipping, an Ecommerce site requires all hands on deck!

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