Complete Zen in your Pay Per Click Accounts.

Google Adwords not worth the ROI?
Let us get you the Return On Investment to successfully run your business.

Pay Per Click – Initial Setup

We will research and understand your business from inside-out.

  • Tried and Tested keywords with high conversion rates
  • Local area specific research to structure the campaign around it.
  • Competition research for Offers and Ads to understand your specific market.
  • Understand & align with your business/product/services website goals.
  • Setup account locations targeting based on population demographics
  • Negative keywords list specific to your region and business.
  • Special attention to brand keywords & high value keywords.

Modify your website to lower your PPC Costs

  • Streamline your website’s pages to produce best results for your PPC campaigns
  • If the site content structure does not work at all, we may recommend a new website. checkout our website design services

Backbone of our work – We put previously collected data to work in your campaigns

  • Add Adwords & Analytics tracking code
  • Add Google Analytics goals to get better conversion data for forms & other events. (if needed)
  • Remarketing Ads – Visitors list setup & Ads. Show Ads to visitors who will most likely convert if given a discount.

We will train you on how to best use the Phone Call tracking system for your business.

  • Setup Phone Call tracking to get better conversion data in Analytics
  • Live chat setup (if needed)


Targeted Unique content helps reduce PPC costs

  • Ads Copy writing based on research
  • Writing unique content for website to reduce PPC costs.
  • Banner Ads – where needed

PPC Account Maintenance

rinse & repeat!


  •  Watch bids, keywords & Ad positions, budget & more.
  • Collect data for 1-2 weeks. Gather location specific data.
  • Based on the data collected thus far, make changes to PPC account and the website.

    • Negative keywords maintenance
    • Exact keywords addition, Remove non-performing keywords
    • Other weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-month and yearly updates to accounts
  • Learn from key performance indicators(KPIs), refine the campaigns and later apply it to all campaigns.

ppc improvements - maintenance