Call Tracking Features and Pricing Structure


Monthly Price – per Tracking Number

$5.00 per month – per LOCAL number

$7.00 per month – per TOLL FREE number

Per minute charge for calls (within USA)

   8 CENTS per minute – LOCAL number

  10 CENTS per minute – TOLL FREE number






Local & Toll Free Numbers (area code depends on availability)


Call Recording (turn on/off)


Port Numbers From Another Carrier (only available in US – requires documentation) 1*


Whisper plays to caller

e.g. This call is being recorded


Source announcement whisper to Customer service rep


Schedule Call Receiving Numbers by Time of Day


Georoute incoming phone calls to multiple

locations by caller zip or area code. (only available in US and Canada) 1


IVR Menus 1*


1* It will probably cost extra for complex setup and number porting. It may take 4-6 weeks for number porting to complete.





Demographic Info for Each Caller (Generally, unavailable for international calls)


Playback recordings


Email Recordings to someone


Block Callers




You will be billed at the end of each month for the actual usage, calculated at:

For LOCAL Number:

$5.00 per month – per LOCAL number AND $.070 per minute

For TOLL FREE Number:

$7.00 per month – per TOLL FREE number AND $.090 per minute


You are responsible for all charges for the calls made to your numbers. All incurred charges for the previous month must be paid in full at the beginning of each month. Your total amount will be billed in an invoice at the beginning of each month.

Numbers Ownership

Numbers will belong to you as long as you pay for them each month and there MUST not be any outstanding invoice payments for Rockin Technology. If there is an outstanding invoice to Rockin Technology, we reserve the right not to release any numbers to you. The numbers will not be released until all payments are cleared. A list of numbers you own can be provided at your request.

Tracking Numbers Cancellation and Porting

With us, numbers are easily released from an account. Numbers are paid for a 30 day period at a time.

You can release numbers at any time, at which point, they are deactivated and placed into a cleaning period for other customers to use down the road. If there is an outstanding invoice to Rockin Technology, we reserve the right not to release any numbers to you.

You can port your numbers to another carrier. The winning carrier would initiate the port and we would release the number. This has to be done manually so you need to call us to get this done.


You would need to keep your numbers active with us until the port completes, and then you could cancel the account. Ports can be seamless so that there is no downtime on the number– but much of that is up to the winning carrier so whoever you would be moving the numbers to would be in charge of that process on their end. If there is an outstanding invoice to Rockin Technology, we reserve the right not to release any numbers to you.

This process, at times, may take 4-6 weeks to complete. You will be responsible for all charges during this number porting period.


Client Payment structure & Rules

Rockin Technology LLC bills on a monthly basis in a post payment structure. Payment on an invoice is due within 10-12 days on invoice date.

Overdue Invoices

After 30 days of non-payment, all work on the account will be stopped. In case of a dispute, no assets will be relinquished until all outstanding payments are paid for.