Technical Skills 

Quality Backlinks 

Creative Ideas & Original Content = Organic Traffic


Website Structure, Content & Keywords

Keyword research and content is the essential calcium for the website.

It forms the strong base needed for search engine optimization. We start with keyword research based on top products and services, geographic area, competition research,  target audience and prior expertise & experience with the industry. Any data from prior pay per click campaigns heavily affects the keyword research.

Website content is then created or modified based on this keyword research. This new on-site content affects both organic search traffic as well as quality score for keywords in pay per click campaigns. The website structure is updated/created based on the content as well as the keyword research. see our marketing perspective for Website design & layout


Creative Ideas & Off-site Content

Original Ideas are the Protein in SEO for organic growth

There is no substitute for quality content – these are NOT just articles, its involves collecting and presenting information in a way to appeal to end-user as well as Journalists, Bloggers and Industry magazines. We work on original content based on ideas from keywords research, competition research, industry experience and your input. Content work completely depends on the size and type of business you have. We have generated content through hosting events for clients. It generated buzz and got us a few quality links.


Quality Backlinks & Competition research

Quality backlinks through creative content & competition research is Carbs for your everyday organic traffic. Organic traffic thrives on quality backlinks. Depending on the type of business you have, we may start back linking work with community outreach, associations and events sponsorship. If a business is local, we make sure to cover all grounds for local marketing through business NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) citations.

At the same time, we use the quality content and reach out to industry magazines & bloggers to get your company covered.

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Website Code & reports

The right set of technical vitamins & minerals help keep the website health in check.

With Google coming up with new technical guidelines that affect organic traffic, it is an absolute must to be keep up on it. We implement highly technical changes in website platforms, albeit WordPress and Magento.

We come up with appropriate conversion/lead goals for your business and use that data to keep an eye on the website’s health on-site and off-site. We also keep an eye on backlinks to make sure you are not a target of negative SEO. We provide custom reports by traffic sources in Google Analytics. Internally, we have over 25 custom reports, we use at various stages of a client’s website. (stages = how much data we have for your website)

We do keep track of important keywords rankings and if you want we can provide monthly important keyword rankings reports. As a company, we worry less about keyword rankings, and focus more on conversions, the leads and sales. With Google and Bing, presenting personalized search results, individual keyword rankings are less relevant than before.

SEO is Website & Business Optimization to be the best in Search Engines & Customer Service. 

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