Rockin Technology has just released a new state of the art website. With this new website, we have added new marketing plans specifically for Collection Law Firm.

We are proud to share our accomplishments from Collection Law Firms. Richard Evann’s has jumped to the top of search engines at record speed. We have brought his Collection Law Firm to the top with our design & marketing services. We launched a new PPC campaign, implemented new SEO practices and created a new website with beautiful designs and layout.

Instant Leads marketing plan

Once you make that easy decision to work with us, we will set up a new website and run a high lead generating PPC Campaign at NO COST TO YOU. We are so confident in generating leads for your law firm that you won’t pay us a dime until you see results. After the first FREE month of generating leads, you can choose from two plans.

  1. $450 per month with a one year commitment
  2. $550 per month with no commitment.

If you are a Collection Law Firm that is ready for new clients, we are the right web marketing partner for you. We have proven results from Pay Per Click and SEO campaigns that will bring you new clients quickly and at a low cost.


PPC campaign results

The PPC campaign let to a 12% lead conversion rate for Google adwords Traffic. This staggering 12% came from adding up phone call leads & contact form leads sent directly to Richard. As you can see, from August through October, we delivered a 9% first-time phone call conversion rate and a 3% form submission conversion rate.


From the words of Richard Evann’s, “Thanks to Rocking Tech, my phone has not stopped ringing.”


SEO & Local Marketing results

We are the top organic position in Google because of our process driven SEO research and best practices implementation. Here are a few examples of success with Google top positions. In Los Angeles area, Evanns Collection Law appears #1 for Collection Attorney, Collection Attorney Los Angeles and #2 for Judgment Collection Law Firm, Judgment Collection Attorney. We have a 8% total leads conversion rate for organic traffic. From August to October, we gained a 7% first-time phone call conversion rate and a 1% form submission conversion rate. We have less control over the Organic traffic that Search Engines send. For Organic Traffic, this high conversion rate is unheard of.

New Website Design Impact 

Rockin Technology designs websites from a marketing perspective. Our new website for Richard Evanns’ Collection Law Firm is not only beautifully designed, but has a comprehensive layout for easy navigation. As you can see, we provide many interactive and informational elements on the homepage alone. For example, we have a trackable phone number in the header so it appears on every page so a customer can always have access to it. We also provide extensive explanation of what the firm does throughout the whole website, but also wrap it up in a one minute business intro video with the face of the company leading it. We have also integrated a visual map showing Evanns Collection Law Firm Offices location with easy to follow directions with a simple click. Our new site for Evanns Collection Law has helped bring the PPC and SEO campaigns alive with conversion friendly designs and layout.

If you are ready to give you Collection Law Firm’s web presence a complete makeover, contact us!