Google is introducing the new Home Service Ads. See below the new sponsored Ads in the red border below.

Google is testing out in limited markets, the new Adwords Home Service Ads.

I don’t like it and here’s why:

Google keeps all the visitors – ON Google

Once searchers click on the Ad, users are not taken to the Advertiser’s website.

  • Missed Opportunity: It’s a missed opportunity for a visitor to interact with the service provider’s complete set of services. yes, they could click on the website link after the initial click, but that is a huge ask.
  • Don’t Leave Google: With “Send Request” functionality, searcher will never have to leave “Google search”. That means easily accessibility to our competitors Ads. I see more inquiries, but less real conversions.
  • Missed Analytics and optimization. As an Advertiser, I cherish data that I get from Paid Ads. We improve our client Adwords accounts by collecting and using this data to the keyword level.
  • Where is the Organic Map block? If we loose the Organic Map block due to these “Sponsored Ads”, that is a BIG LOSS to the small local business. Business listing companies like Yelp and other niche based search websites will win the Organic game. the organic Map block was the only way for a small Local business to get listed for free on Google search results.
  • When do I get charged? It is still unclear at what point does an Advertiser gets charged. I am 99% sure its when a searcher clicks on a profile.

See the Adwords Express site for more information on the new service that is being tested in the San Jose area for now.