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We use over 20 custom reports

in our SEO and Pay Per Click work.


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Google Analytics Tracking

On-site implementation

We create an analytics implementation plan based on the website business goals, traffic and conversion sources. These sources include Offline conversions like a Phone order placement. We make sure to align your customer service with our needs to track conversions. We track all touch points with your clients, web forms, phone calls, emails and live chat.

Off-site implementation

Google Analytics correctly identifies the referrals for most websites, but in order for you to track specific campaigns, you will need custom implementation. We make sure that all important sources, campaigns and ADs have custom tracking.


Actionable reports

We use over 20 custom reports to optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns.

We provide you with 4 monthly custom reports based on traffic sources. Those traffic sources are Paid, Organic/Direct, Social Media and Referrals. We customize all of reports for each client depending on whats been tracked and channels where money is being spent.

To give you a quick glimpse of reports we use internally, here are a few types of reports. Marketing budget allocation, Conversion attribution – what marketing channels are performing well, Geographic distribution of your customers, Top pages – understand what parts of your website perform better than others, Top keywords – to be used in various campaigns, Audience profile – help you create one, Day part report – what part of the day is better for your business


Analytics in Pay Per Click Campaigns

With close integration of Google Analytics and Adwords, you can get real insights into your adwords data thru the Google Analytics interface. As part of our services, we make sure analytics is setup correctly for Google Adwords campaign management and Bing PPC as well. As a Google Partner, we have certifications in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

All of our projects include Analytics Tracking & Analysis.

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