Social Media Marketing – Services we offer


1) Initial audit – previous campaigns

  • check against our best practices on-site & off-site
  • measure effectiveness thru your previous experiences
  • Analytics results check if available

2) Preparation for a Campaign

  • Ideas around your brand. something your audience would resonate with.
  • Helping your find your ‘brand story’. dig deeper into it.
  • Creating your audience profile for social media.
  • Choosing appropriate social media channel(s)
  • Identify parallel campaigns to support the social media campaign.

3) Implementation services

  • Suggest the appropriate channels, widgets & their placement on-site
  • On-site code implementation
  • Off-site code implementation
  • Analytics implementation for campaign tracking

4) Post campaigns check-in

  • Learnings from the campaign – implementation process
  • Make improvements – our take on it.
  • Check analytics for results
  • discuss ROI for the campaign

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