Search Engine Optimization Overview

SEO is an art and a science. You have to follow a few guidelines to get your website in search engine results. That’s just the start, you need to be creative to stand out from a crowd of websites in your industry. We help you find that “uniqueness” in your business to have your website stand out from the rest. are you the authority in your industry?

You have to know what search engines are looking for on your website so they can list your website in the search results. Traffic itself isn’t an end all. Being relevant to a user’s search is KEY.


SEO defined

Your website is a representation OR whole of your business on the internet.
Search Engine Optimization is work done to:

  • Have your website be favorable to appear in search results related to your business keywords
  • Creating campaigns for your website for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Provide valuable information & experience to visitors


Organic Search Optimization is comprised of:

The audit of the website that gives us a benchmark against which we would be working. We have over 60 check points that we measure websites against. Then comes the seo keyword research that helps us map your website to industry reach. Updates we recommend or make to the website is on page seo. Campaigns we suggest or run outside of your website is off page seo.


Local Search Engine Optimization

A brick & mortar business presence requires a few extra set of tools & ideas to implement. We help you come up with a brand strategy to connect your physical locations to your Internet presence. Targeting local audience does require an understanding of the surroundings. We help our customers establish their business in locations around the US. We are located in Los Angeles and have a better understanding of our local economy. Naturally, we have an extra edge in local seo services to Los Angeles, Hollywood, Orange county, Irvine & surrounding areas.

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