PPC case studies

Here are pay per click results for a couple of our clients. We can not share much data due to business confidentiality, call us for more insights from these results.

Case Study 1 - LAFurnitureStore.com

Lafurniturestore.com homepage

Business – Industry: Modern Home Furniture & Decor – Retail Ecommerce

PPC results
Full Year 2010 vs. 2011
– paid traffic only

Conversion rate increase: +13%

Monthly Spend: this went up multiple folds and still got the Conversion rate to do better

Case Study 2 - MyLiftKits.com

Business – Industry: Shoes Accessories – Retail Ecommerce

PPC Optimization AND Conversion Optimization results
November 2011 to August 2012
Conversion rate increase due to PPC account optimization: +69%
Conversion rate increase due to On page conversion optimization: 135%
Monthly Spend: spend remained the same while increasing the ROI

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