Google Analytics Services

We offer the following services with Google Analytics to help to increase your ROI while keeping your marketing budget in check.

Web Analytics audit

  • Existing on-site analytics implementation check
  • Data integrity check
  • Analytics Account settings check


Web Analytics implementation

  • Based on the audit make fixes to your site’s analytics implementation
  • Give you a plan & tools for new campaigns analytics implementation
  • Help you with multi-domain implementations
  • Custom Events & Visitor state tracking
  • Social Media tracking implementation
  • A/B testing implementation


Web Analytics reports & actionable insights

  • Help you understand the actionable reports on visitor behavior
  • Reports around your overall website performance
  • Measure paid traffic performance to help you better allocate your resources & funds.
  • Help you navigate the social media channels & campaigns.
  • Funnels to correctly attribute conversions to marketing channels
  • Improve ROI thru our custom reports that measure all conversion factors.
  • Maintenance reports that we use to adwords campaign management & bing accounts
  • Keyword research for SEO & Adwords

learn more about Google Analytics implementation here.

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