Local Businesses BEWARE!

Many other clients have experienced ownership issues and performance issues after signing up with marketing companies. You don’t have to worry about it with us.


Other marketing companies usually make you sign Multi-year contracts. They then stop working on your website after 3-4 months. We do not get you stuck in a contract.


MANY marketing companies will trick you into signing on the dotted line that they will create the website and own it too. With us, you own your website. PERIOD!


Other marketing companies will NOT give you access to Pay per click accounts.
Not us! We are open and secured about our abilities to serve you. You will have FULL access to ALL your pay per click accounts on Adwords, Bing and others.


Rockin Technology is different!

1. not just Pay Per Click

We deliver on the following EXPERT services.

  • Pay Per Click – PPC
  • Google Analytics – setup & insights
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Reviews Strategy
  • Local Business SEO work

    2. not just ideas

    Most internet marketing companies out there provide ideas, we go one step further by doing the pay per click changes for your website. We understand that your business process is based on your vision. With your help, we not only come up with ideas, but also help with best ways to implement them in your technical environment. We help small to medium size Local businesses beat the competition.

    3. not just custom reports

    Reports themselves are useless without an understanding of how to use them. We help you understand how to use reports in your business context. We customize reports for you along with an explanation on how to derive decisions from them. Imagine videos helping you every step of the way, if you wish to dig deeper (even 3rd tier reports) into the analytics reports.
    not just custom reports, but actionable reports with explanation.

    4. not just a service to your business

    When you start working with us, YOU will learn a few things about your business. we strive to align with your business processes & goals. We jump start the conversation with over 150 questions about your business. We come back and give you insights & trends useful to your brand & business. this is even before we start the work. We take ownership of our part of the work we do for you.
    not just a service but a reliable partner to help you succeed


    Types of Businesses we serve

    We help & support a lot more all industries than what’s listed below. We have more experience and expertise in the promoting brands in the following industries:
    Local Businesses we serve

    • Judgment Collection Law firms – One Client per service area
    • Dental Offices – One Client per service area
    • Water Sports service – One Client per service area


    Other Industry expertise

    • Home decor & Furniture – manufacturers, wholesalers & retail
    • Kids/Toy Brands – manufacturers, retail
    • Sporting goods – manufacturers, tour services


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